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#1 The Basic
Price $48.50 plus tax  
#2 Best Seller!
Gift Sets                   
Our Lake Chelan Cheese Gift Sets are perfect for any occasion! Available in all different sizes and combinations. 
Choose one of our selected sets or create your own! 
1/2 lb of Caramelized Onion Cheddar
1/2 lb of Horseradish and Smoked Bacon Cheddar
1/2 lb of Aged Gouda
Box of crackers
wine cured salami
Price $65  plus tax  
#4 Hot n' Spicy
1/2 lb of Buffalo Wing Cheddar
1/2 lb of Horseraddish & Bacon Cheddar
1/2 lb of Jalapeno & Peppadew Cheddar
Olli Spicy Salami
Cracked Black Pepper Crackers
Price $65 plus tax 
#5 House Favorite
#6 The Trio 
1/3 lb of Truffle Gouda
1/2 lb of Ewephoria (sheep)
1/2 lb of St. Agur (french blue)
Smoked Salmon
Price $90  plus tax
1/2 lb of Goat milk cheese
1/2 lb of sheep milk cheese 
1/2 lb of cow milk cheese
Box of Crackers
Chocolate bar
Price $60 plus tax
Ship It
Ship any of our gift sets anywhere in the US.  
Additional shipping charges apply.  
Gift Sets are not able to ship in a basket due to cold packaging requirements. 

Gift Certificates
Available in any amount

1/2 lb of Applewood Smoked Cheddar
1/2 lb of Buttermilk Blue
1/2 lb of Davinci Gouda (herbed gouda)
Box of Crackers
#3 It's Goouda
1/2 lb of Aged Gouda 
1/2 lb of Garlic Gouda
1/2 lb of Bacon Smoked Gouda
Box pf crackers
wine cured salami
Price $70 plus tax